How to make age work for your benefit?

Note: that's not an ultimate guide, but one useful trick.

...I'm 25 and I haven't even started my business yet! And Alexander the Great in these years has already been declared "the king of Asia". Why on earth?

This is especially traumatic if your name is also Alex. The comparison somehow suggests itself.

Even though my name is different, when I was 25, I thought almost like that. In general, as I recall, quite often I felt in life like a "slow poke". Turning it to a kind of "meme" or "joke" somehow did not work.

Your friend already has a car, but you don't. Someone has already been to Bali - and you have not yet. And, most of all: your classmates have already had sex, and you have not kissed even once...

I am pretty sure there were moments in your biography when you were somehow "lagging behind" in comparison with those around you.

But not in all spheres of life, fast is good. For instance, in sex. Well, or having your meal. The events and accomplishments of your life can be relished like a good dinner – slowly, with taste and pleasure.

Yes, of course, a timer is ticking in each of us. The biological clock. There is such a thing called telomeres. This is a structural feature of the body that limits the life of the cells in our bodies. Plain out: on each cell division this telomere is shortened, and when it comes out completely – that's it, pfft, the cell can't divide normally anymore; a little death. And when there are too many such cells, which no longer divide normally, overall death occurs.

But we are not only the body. We are also spirit, will, consciousness, mind – there are many names for this. The essence is the same: there is something that controls the body. Our inner absolute monarch, "king".

And with the help of this very will and spirit, you can make age work for your benefit. And if the telomere – part of the chromosome – only decreases, then age – part of your image of yourself – only increases. And you can connect, join this steadily increasing number with what you want it to grow and increase in your life.

Let me give you an example. In the morning I do a warm-up, and a couple of times a day I can arrange a mini-workout – which I advise you too. Physical activity has a positive effect on everything.

At the time of this writing, I am 35 years old. Accordingly, if I do a dynamic exercise – for example, push-ups or squats – I will do 35 times. If I do static exercise – for example, stand in a plank – I will stand for 35 seconds. And every year will increase this number (like age) by 1.

Someone, of course, may object – like, 35 seconds of a plank is way too small period, I will easily stand for two minutes. But you can work on the technique – or, for example, do right away, without interruption, after 35 seconds on the upper plank – 35 seconds on the lower one – and so on as many times as you want. In addition, it is not necessary to make a connection of age with all physical exercises – you can only with some that are convenient for you personally.

The point of this practice is to create a connection between your age and actions, that are positive for you, which will be convenient for you. And not just any one.

Well, let's say you are 60 years old and you have just read this text. You don't have to go to do push-ups 60 times – it will be difficult and uncomfortable, and even possibly harmful (unless, of course, you are an athlete). Choose any rewarding activity that you are already doing and connect it with this magical personal number – your age. For example, you go out for a walk in the fresh air. So, walk for 60 minutes. And with each new year of your life, increase this number – 61, 62, etc.

The sooner you start, the easier it will be.

What shall you receive in return? belief, confirmed by regular practical actions, that you get better every year. And when you think about your age, you will automatically recall, that you are constantly and steadily developing, and these memories will set you up for personal growth and achievement of your goals - not for depression, cause in these years Alexader the Great was already great, and you are still nothing.

Sometimes I hear from clients – they say, one is too old for something. More often than not, this is only a sentiment. It is within our power to change this and turn it around for the benefit of ourselves. We may not be able to control time, but we can control our attitude to it.

The age, which is constantly increasing every year of your life, every day, every second, every moment, every inhalation and exhalation – is not a reason to throw up hands. As for me, this is, on the contrary, a reason to train them :-)

And you yourself can choose what value to attach to this ever-increasing number.

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