Magare and Magathe

Sliding between dreams and reality, I've received (like exactly as told) an insight. What I've managed to "catch": the point is that there are 2 base Actions (types, kinds, sorts of them): MAGARE and MAGATHE.

Being in Magare, I directly visually saw and felt how I was dragging, rolling over, such a rectangular boulder, such as idol or kummir, to "its place" – i.e. the place where it will be located on the border of all fields as accurately as possible, with the greatest potential difference.

Magare – these are such actions – to manipulate objects, bringing them to the maximum "ready for use" by external forces state – that is, grounded, stable, but allowing application by the widest and most equitable set of external, more vital and rational forces.

Like to wash a fork – I've got such an example – and put it in a clean drawer. "Roll" the object to its place. Magare creates such healthy competition from the outside, makes the item in demand.

So, moving an object from a less demanded energy state to a more demanded one is Magare. Wash the fork and put it its place – this is Magare. Make furniture by assembling from individual parts – Magare. Bring food to your home refrigerator – Magare. Display the goods in the window is Magare, too.

Magathe is the location of YOURSELF among the streams of external forces in such a way as to be ready to interact with the maximum amount of the most energetic such forces and be in high demand by them.

Of course, this means constructive interaction – both you are useful to the forces, and they are enriching your life.

Self-presentation, self-improvement, learning, training, even just dressing up – that's all examples of Magathe (in general, Magathe is such an archetypal, if not dependence on context, then orientation towards it).

Better than by examples, Magathe, perhaps, will be described by this phrase: "To be in the right place in the right state."

Self-knowledge and self-improvement are mandatory for the art of Magathe, although these actions very strongly depend on the context, and may disappear as "separate" activities, remaining only as words-labels for their definition.

Magare assumes that you focus on space, Magathe – on time.

11/12/2017 8:07:34 AM

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