Psychological health during physical illness

What's good in being sick? The disease must be treated, and the sooner the better. Getting sick is bad, unfashionable and generally unnecessary. There is such a social attitude.

Yes, it is not very pleasant to be ill. Getting sick is sometimes even life threatening. But, nevertheless, patient's condition – has its advantages, there are lots of.

Disease and pain are related. Pain is a strong signal from the nervous system: "something is wrong, do something immediately to fix it!" Visualize, imagine for a moment that you accidentally touch something hot – for example, a kettle. Pain in such a situation will be a signal, stimulus, motivation – to pull the hand back. The pain is useful – accepting it, you will avoid damage to the body in the form of a burn.

The psychology of children differs significantly from the psychology of adults – precisely in reaction to pain. Children usually "relay", transmit "pain signal" to someone – their pain turns into tears or a cry. The essence of screaming and tears is reduced to a simple message: "Help" – which is directed to people around them – usually adults.

An adult, on the other hand, knows how to "dive into pain" – to receive and decipher this signal, gaining valuable experience and actively coping with the problem that caused this pain.

Of course, this split is very simplified and conditional, but it demonstates the essence. A child will not go to the dentist by him- or herself – because it hurts. But an adult will do it, because it's useful. The psychology of an adult allows to go through pain, when a child can only transmit and avoid it.

But, besides these two strategies, which can be conventionally called "child" and "adult", there is a third one – let's call it "ostrich". This is a kind of reaction to pain when a person does not pass it on to someone (like a child), and does not deal with it (like an adult) – but simply “hides his head in the sand”.

Does it hurt? Not at all...

The looking at the illness like it is something extremely bad only – reminds me a child who refuses to go to a dentist. Or an ostrich.

Illness is like a "pain signal" from the life itself. This is an indicator that something went wrong. And all of these "wrongs" – if not discovered in time, then, like ostriches, they hide their heads in consciousness, subconsciousness, body. And then, when there are too many "ostriches" hidden inside, then illness comes. To my opinion, all the books on the so-called psychosomatics are about this, just much more detailed and expanded.

So, "ignoring" and "the sooner the better", according to my observations, is not what works with diseases. If life has sent you this very "signal of pain" – you need to "perceive" it and "react" – that is: first, do not delay treatment; second – do not rush to recover. So, if you are sick – be sick "the whole nine yards".

And, after a psychologically correct passed state of illness, you can in some way become healthier than before.

So, what is needed to do for this and how to behave? The simplest and most basic, but for some reason often difficult to understand thing, is that

Attention! Remember that besides psychology, there is also physiology; and one complements the other! Take medication, listen to the doctor's advice – unless, of course, they contradict your deepest sincere feelings. Medicine is great, but the responsibility for your health lies primarily on you and your family, and then on the medicine and the doctor.

Both the doctor and the medicine *help* you get well, but without benefit and learning from the disease, getting well too quickly can be just... harmful, in a broader sight, to your entire life.

And if you treat the disease more consciously – as a symptom that something went wrong in life – you and your loved ones will benefit greatly. And you will recover faster!

P.S. And, well, about the coronavirus. If pain is a signal from the body that something is wrong, illness is a signal from life that something is wrong, then an epidemic is a signal that something is wrong – not even in the life of a specific person, but in the life of all people or social group affected by this epidemic. Such a huge signal – from the biosphere, from Gaia, from Mother Earth.

That is why I published this article. It's time.

What changes is the coronavirus pandemic pushing for humanity? What problems can it indicate?

I guess...

If you look at the root, the coronavirus went from China; where are all three of these problems are present: disrespect for ordinary workers (who defenestrate due to stress and overload), huge population, concentrated mostly in cities, and harsh political tyranny.

Such assumptions I have. Do you agree? Do not agree? Maybe you have something to add? Add me on social networks, let's discuss :)

11/28/2020 2:22:03 PM

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