What to do if you don't know what to do

Generally speaking, you shouldn't have to know!

Think back to yourself ten years ago. At that time, did you suppose that you would be right here, right now, doing exactly this and in such a company? Great, if at least in general terms.

We are – constantly, lifelong – learning. That means: we clarify our knowledge. And the clarification of knowledge occurs through the state of ignorance – after all, if you know everything, then you have sort of nothing to clarify.

Imagine for a moment that you have in front of you some kind of school textbook – well, for example, math. It has the usual tasks, and tasks with an asterisk. Common tasks are easy to solve – because they have a complete and detailed explanation, plus a couple of examples. And problems with a star – are therefore with a star, because there is no complete explanation to solve them, and, while solving them, you usually do not know the exact step-by-step solution.

Everyone solve problems without asterisks – cause unless you won't get a good grade. And tasks with a star are considered "for the smartest", and therefore are often missed by the most of the population. This leads to the fact that we – in general – get used to know more than not to know – when facing a task.

But life is not a school. Not even close. And "problems with a star" can occur much more often than those that are carefully explained before.

Moments, when you do not know what to do – are like a task with a star, a small exam for the title of Homo sapiens. And school – instead of teaching us how to cope with ignorance – teaches, on the contrary, to cope only with what you know – moreover, walking along a well-known, well-trodden path. This is its huge minus – although, of course, there are pluses.

So, what to do when you don't know what to do:

And if people in your life do not help, or if you are afraid to appear as fool in front of them, or they simply don't give you an appropriate answer – well, that's the reason to contact a psychologist. In general, it often comes to psychology precisely when a person does not know what to do.

That's why I'm doing it. It's delightfully exciting to help people get through this frightening abyss of ignorance.

10/3/2020 8:25:41 AM

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