It's better to ask three times than to be wrong once
(quam semel errare, melius terve rogare)

Latin proverb

When you have a problem, you need a solution. Moreover, in most cases, the decision does not come from the outside, but from the inside.

But when you perceive something as a "problem" – it means that you are "broken" from within. And you just need to be "repaired" – quickly and reliably jump into a better condition.

Here are several quite effective ways to do this:

Consultation using "Oracle" technique

Clairvoyance – based on neuroscience. Consultation in a way: "any question – answer", allowing you to get a clear and holistic view of your life. The ability to weed out other people's patterns and attitudes, and make true (for inner self!) decisions.

Deep hypnotic trance

Magic – based on neuroscience. Healing trauma from the inside. Deep psychological experience that proceeds both under the supervision of an experienced hypnologist and under your control. Reach a new level of awareness and start changes in outer world.

Picture of the year

One hour to build up a whole year. Drawing up a picture of the coming year and relate it to the previous one. Determining the best ways to achieve your goals for the year. Perfect birthday present for yourself or a friend.

Trance games of transformation

A game in which you win yourself. Using the power of imagination and the things at hand. Starting fun and easy. Falling into a deep group meditation. Unveiling the abyss. Coming back as the best version of ourselves. Having understood others better.