Greets! My name is George Churochkin (aka rextextau). Welcome to my personal website.

😊 I do "repair people": for over 15 years I have been exploring and using the most effective and cool transpersonal psychology techniques I could find.

And sometimes even develop my own ones.

I use bleeding edge, truly effective psychotechnologies for you and your loved ones, that help after 1-2 sessions (as opposed to classical psychotherapy, which could take months or even years).

A "magic pill", that's totally legal.

Way of being such effective is the holistic, integral approach, which makes it possible to touch on health, family, career, and finances during the session; find the roots of problems from one area in another and unravel the whole "tangle" πŸŒ€.

What happens to people during this kind of work is most easily described as "mini-enlightenment" β˜€.

I try to explain the most complex things in understandable manner, without using special terms. Based on my extensive personal and customer experience, I have developed several exclusive high-effective training programs.

I've got some on-theme press publications. Most importantly, there's those who are grateful to me and happy with the results they get with my help.

Work both locally and remotely; all over the world – i.e. in USA, Germany, Russia, Spain, Kazakhstan etc.

Experience and skills allow to help others through personal consultation, or by submerging into a deep trance.

My path has started back in 2004, after a transcendental experience and the subsequent specialized training. I've studied in person, in groups, in government institutions and in semi-closed "communities". The learning process continues every day.

I've been programming since 10 years old. For more than 10 years I've been working in the corporate IT. So, using that experience, I've also created several software tools that help in psychological counseling, self-development and decision-making.

Responsibility, a lively word and a clear mind are my key qualities.

Mental health, clarity and continous self-development are the key values that people receive from me.

Have a nice trip! Be sure to become a better version of youself – with the help of my skills and experience.

For any questions, wishes and proposals for cooperation – feel free to get in touch.


New and interesting stuff:

8/30/2020 8:01:00 PM

Major software update (for Dieto, Pendulo and Bro)

I've updated three of my programs: Bro (now 3.0), Dieto (now 2.0) and Pendulo (now 4.0). The interface made more convenient; fixed a huge number of bugs (about a hundred).

11/1/2018 7:01:34 PM

Emanation sequence creation in new Pendulo release – 3.0!

New major version (3.0) of software for creating dowsing pendulum tables – Pendulo – has been released. Main new feature is the ability to create emanation sequences.

9/4/2017 3:03:23 AM

New Pendulo release – 2.3

New version (2.3) of Pendulo – software for creating tables for a dowsing pendulum – has been released. Useful tables and features added.

6/15/2015 1:14:02 AM

New Pendulo release – 2.2

New version (2.2) of software for creating tables for the biolocation pendulum – Pendulo – contains many important and useful improvements.

2/15/2015 9:45:03 PM

New major Bro release – 2.0!

Bro software has been completely rebuilt from scratch. Version 2.0 received a new, modern interface and also became a full-fledged tool for biorhythms research and analysis.

9/12/2014 3:09:43 PM

"Virtual Dowsing" in the new version of Pendulo – 2.1

The next version (2.1) of software for creating tables for dowsing pendulum – Pendulo – was released. Added "Virtual Dowsing" feature – now you can get an answer to a question directly on the computer, without printing a diagram and using a real pendulum.

9/1/2014 12:24:01 PM

New major Pendulo release – 2.0!

A new version (2.0) of software for creating tables for the dowsing pendulum – Pendulo – has been released. And this is really a major release – there's a lot of improvements.

8/4/2014 1:12:05 AM

New Dieto release – 1.3

The next version of Dieto (1.3) has been released. Dieto makes calculations for a lunar cycle based nutrition system.

4/23/2014 9:40:45 AM

New Pendulo release – 1.1

A new version (1.1) of Pendulo – software for creating tables for dowsing pendulum – has been released.

4/7/2014 2:00:10 AM

New Dieto release – 1.2

A new version of the Dieto program (1.2) has been released. Dieto performs the calculations for the nutrition system, tied to the lunar cycle.

3/5/2012 12:35:00 PM

First release of a software called Bro

Bro (formerly known as "The Formula of Love") has been released as a desktop application. Now you can run it without internet connection.

5/28/2010 1:27:00 AM

New Dieto release – 1.1

Dieto software, created to simplify calculations for nutrition system, that takes into account the lunar cycle, is now version 1.1.

3/17/2010 2:25:00 AM

First release of a software called Pendulo

A program for creating special tables to use with a dowsing pendulum, Pendulo, has been released.