Major software update (for Dieto, Pendulo and Bro)

In a short period of time I've updated three of my programs: Bro (now 3.0), Dieto (now 2.0) and Pendulo (now 4.0).

The interface made more convenient; fixed a huge number of bugs (about a hundred).

Bro now calculates the couple's joint biorhythm, plus widely enhanced the quality of charts drawn.

In Pendulo, when using a virtual pendulum, data is now taken from the movement of the mouse, instead of using pseudo-random numbers – which makes the virtual pendulum much more intuitive and accurate in its answers.

Dieto now allows you to precisely choose what nutrition "colors" you wish to use in a lunar cycle.

A video showcase was shot for each software piece, showing their interface and capabilities.

8/30/2020 8:01:00 PM

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