Of loneliness

A very strange opinion can often be heard – they say, we are all alone in this world; one is born alone, and dies alone too.

It sounds desperately strong, harsh and hopeless. But, in fact, is totally a mistake.

Judge for yourself: a person is not born alone, but with the powerful and direct participation of another person: mother. If, after given birth, the baby is left unattended, then most likely it will not survive. Or, with great luck, it will become a wild "Mowgli", whose existence is only partially human-like.

Even the device through which you are reading this note is the product of a long and well-coordinated work of a huge number of people: scientists, workers, miners, logisticians, marketers, financiers, designers...

Well, lonely death is quite rare too. A funeral in human culture is a public event with deep, ancient roots.

People are social beings. Human needs human.

The top most difficult questions that have been asked in all my many years of practice are not about job, and not even about health – but about relationships, business and personal.

Relationships are very important and very difficult. And the common opinion about loneliness is just an attempt to stick head in the sand.

10/11/2019 12:35:03 PM

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