Best moments for a meditation

Some people just force themselves to meditate. They say: that's is useful, and I will meditate every day for like an hour. Have you tried this? Succeed?

Usually, very rare people succeed. And for those who does, it's often accompanied by a not very pleasant feeling of wasted time.

Why is that? In my opinion, everything is obvious. There is the principle of Le Chatelier: if you act on a system in stable equilibrium, it will adjust to diminish the change that has been made to it. And we – people – are systems in a more or less stable equilibrium – which, by the way, is called homeostasis.

To reduce internal resistance, it is quite enough to practice meditation at the right time.

Meditation is not a target, but a tool. And any tool is used in those moments when it is actually useful. For example, water is a thirst quencher. And we use this tool (by taking a drink) when we are thirsty.

We all have a very wise body. And at the moments when meditation will be most useful and necessary, the body itself "falls through" into it.

Meditation is translated from Latin as "thinking upon". If you do not force yourself to think exclusively "on schedule", but use thr moments when it is handy and appropriate – I am sure your whole life will become leagues ahead from now.

9/25/2020 11:33:06 AM

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