Overlogic Bro: personal biorhytm calculator & compatibility analyzer

Tool to calculate personal biorhytms and analyze relationships

View the intensity of your own biorhythm for any date, and effectively plan your day. Check biorhytmic compatibility with other people.


Personal performance

Calculate the intensity of the physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive biorhythm for any date, and effectively plan the your rest, communications and work load.

Close relations

Close people influence us latently, with their own biorhythms. Calculate this influence, analyze and evaluate your business and personal partners, using their date of birth.


This software not only calculates the values of biorhythms for any date, but uses a special technique of superimposing these biorhythms of two persons using their dates of birth in order to get a detailed picture of the relationship of these people.

Biorhythmic calculator Bro allows you to:

get a description of human relationship based on biorhythms;

get the list of birth dates of people that are suitable for a certain type of compatibility;

get personal biorhythm charts;

edit periods, names and colors of biorhythms;

add your own biorhythms with any period;

edit text blocks (patterns) used to create such a description;

load data from Numero (.num) and Stalker (.map) software file formats.

How it works

Biorhythms are periodically repeating changes in the course of processes in the body.

There is a theory that every person from the day of his birth is under the influence of three stable biological rhythms: physical, emotional and intellectual.

The physical cycle's period is approximately 23 days; it determines the energy of a person, his or her strength, endurance and agility.

The emotional cycle is approximately 28 days long and determines emotional mobility, receptivity and mood.

An intellectual cycle of approximately 33 days determines the clarity of thought processes and the ability to work intellectually.

Some authors believe that there are much more such cycles and distinguish, for example, an intuitive biorhythm with a period of about 38 days.

The program calculates values of all these biorhythms — moreover, it is possible to configure your own biorhythms with any period.

Worth a thousand words

Overlogic Bro uses for calculations personal data of a very intimate nature. The program stores it locally, on your computer only — and never ever establishes any internet connections. Overlogic Bro respects your privacy.

Software successfully operates on Windows operating system family, starting from Windows XP (i.e. it will work on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11).

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For yourself

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