A word is enough to the wise
(dictum sapienti sat est)

Latin proverb

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Insights from various years

If you confidently strive for your goals and boldly accept the challenges of life, they will inevitably “redirect” your consciousness from the secondary to the main and lead to insights and revelations. Here they are; collected in one article. Read more…


Psychological health during physical illness

What's good in being sick? The disease must be treated, and the sooner the better; there is such a social attitude. Yes, it is not very pleasant to be ill. But, nevertheless, the patient's condition has its advantages. Read more…


What to do if you don't know what to do

Generally speaking, you shouldn't have to know! Think back to yourself ten years ago. At that time, did you suppose that you would be right here, right now, doing exactly this and in such a company? Great, if at least in general terms. Read more…


Best moments for a meditation

Some people just force themselves to meditate. They say: that's is useful, and I will meditate every day for like an hour. Have you tried this? Succeed? Usually, very rare people succeed. Read more…


How to make age work for your benefit?

I'm 25 and I haven't even started my business yet! And Alexander the Great in these years has already been declared "the king of Asia". Why on earth? Note: that's not an ultimate guide, but one useful trick. Read more…


Of psychologist for a psychologist

If you are a psychologist and you need a psychologist, that's not about your expertise – but about your needs. Read more…

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