It's better to ask three times than to be wrong once
(quam semel errare, melius terve rogare)

Latin proverb

Before sawing down the tree, one should sharpen the saw. And the most important and useful tool for absolutely every job is you.

If you have faced some kind of problems in your life, it usually means that your main tool – you yourself – requires appropriate «maintenance» or «repair».

Here are several quite effective ways to do this:


Counselling using «Oracle» technique

Clairvoyance – on a scientific basis. Conversation in a way: "any question – unbiased answer", allowing you to get a clear and holistic view of your life. The ability to weed out other people's patterns and attitudes, and make perfect decisions.


Trance immersion using «Oscilla» technique

Magic – on a scientific basis. Healing trauma from the inside. Deep psychological experience that proceeds both under the supervision of an experienced hypnologist and under your control. Reach a new level of awareness and start changes in outer world.


Picture of the year

One hour to build up a whole year. Drawing up a picture of the coming year and relate it to the previous one. Determining the best ways to achieve your goals for the year. Perfect birthday present for yourself or a friend.


Trance games of transformation

A game where you win yourself. Using the power of imagination and the things at hand. Starting fun and easy. Falling into a deep group meditation. Unveiling the abyss. Coming back as the best version of ourselves. Having understood others better.