We do not learn for school, but for life
(non scholae, sed vitae discimus)

Latin proverb

Working with people for many years, you involuntarily discover general life patterns and «hacks» that do not depend on the character of a particular person. That do work for everyone. These observations surprisingly easily found theoretical substantiation, both in modern psychology and neurobiology, and in mystical «magic» and esotericism.

Experience has added live examples + practical exercises to these general insights.

That's how these unique courses and trainings appeared.


Everyday sorcery

This training will help you to achieve big results with small efforts, teach you to see the impact of everyday factors on the brain, body, consciousness and subconsciousness; and manage those, successfully and easily creating your own «mini-rituals».


Center of equilibrium

Feeling the very core of yourself. During the training we will consciously «swing» ourselves – body, mind and perception – in order to find the very center of our being. And return into it.


Tribal logic

Establishing relationship with the tribe. The training will help to understand the genus as a living being, feel and understand it, build interaction with it and unravel old «karmic» family programs, thus helping both yourself and your loved ones.


Manipulating other creatures

Regaining control over the life. This training will help you identify acts manipulation and suppression of the will, as well as successfully counteract.


Personal time management

«Time management» with a kind attitude. This marathon helps you to to fit your actings in a day in the most efficient and lively way.


Personal tuition

Sharing years of proven real-life experience of working in borderline state of consciousness. The training program is created for each student separately, taking into consideration your very own goals and abilities.