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My name is George Volsky.

I've been doing psychology for more than 20 years.

Ready to help you to:

  • assess prospects and make the right decision at the moment of choice;
  • get out of the crisis, improve well-being, gain confidence;
  • resolve family and business conflicts;
  • find new ways to achieve your goals.

I myself have also experienced a lot: went through clinical depression and been through clinical death.

I use potent psychotechnics that, like a «magic pill», help after just a couple of sessions.

Way of being such effective is a holistic approach, which makes it possible to touch upon health, family, career and finances during the session; find the roots of problems – and unravel the whole «tangle».

The result of such work can be described as «mini-enlightenment» ☀.

I combine rational science with intuitive «shamanism».

I've got the good theoretical «foundation» and use elements from:

  • Astropsychology (including classic, German and Indian traditions);
  • Gestalt therapy;
  • Coaching approach;
  • Person-centered therapy (by K. Rogers);
  • Positive psychology (by M. Seligman)
  • Psychodrama (according to J. L. Moreno);
  • Rational-emotive therapy (REBT according to A. Ellis);
  • Symboldrama / Catatym-imaginative psychotherapy (according to H. Leuer);
  • System-vector psychology (according to V. Tolkachev);
  • Transactional analysis (by R. Bern);
  • Transpersonal psychology (including psychosynthesis according to R. Asagioli, meditative and mantic practices);
  • Existential therapy (including logotherapy according to V. Frankl).

 Diplomas and certificates

At the same time, I explain the most complex interconnections in understandable words, without using special vocabulary. Based on extensive personal and client experience, several exclusive training courses have been created by me.

I've conducted more than 100 trainings, took more than 1000 clients around the globe, taught personally more than 10 students. Also I've developed several special applications that help in consulting, self-development and decision-making.

I will help you meet your true self; acquire a lot more joy from life; achieve true, sincere goals; to recall things you have felt and known for a long time; to believe in yourself.

I successfully work with adults and adolescents (starting from 12 years old) — both online and in person (in Samara, Russia).