Overlogic Dieto: lunar cycle diet calendar

Lunar cycle based nutrition calendar, daily food type reminder and reference

Align your nutrition with the cycle of the Moon using any mode that fits you well to boost up your health.



While in use use, the nutritional system, if it does not become a habitual part of the lifestyle, then involves several cycles; and this multiplies its efficiency. With each new «round» you get increasing results.


If you «broke» and ate something wrong, you can always start a new, full cycle in the next lunar month. Instead of feeling guilty about dieting, you experience a sense of joy, constantly striving for the the ideal.


The nutrition system combines vegetarianism, fasting, and (optionally) meat-eating, making it a pleasure to follow. You can eat whatever you want – perhaps, not now, but after a while.


«7 keys of rainbow» is a cleansing nutrition system, which, according ito ts author's assurances, was developed back in 1989 and provides the real treatment of many diseases, since it makes it possible to get rid of the root causes of their occurrence; promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues and organs of people.

This nutrition system was originally designed for one-time use, but then, later, many people using the «Keys» began to go through this system several times (usually – once a year).

The author of this system points out in his book that the Moon has a huge impact on human nature – also while using this nutrition system. The influence of the moon on our planet is well studied and scientifically confirmed. Lunar cycles not only affect the rhythm of the tides – many species of land and sea animals synchronize their activity with certain phases of the lunar month.

«Land animals», of course, include human. Since ancient times, traditional medicine in various parts of the world has taken into account biorhythms associated with the cycles of the Moon.

On the basis of these facts, thoughts and personal experience, the nutrition system «7 keys of the rainbow» was successfully tied to the lunar cycle. The essence of this binding is that the «color» (the type of food to be taken) is tied to a specific phase of the Moon cycle, so each month you actually go through an shortened version of the «Seven Keys of the Rainbow».

Nutrition and the Moon

The idea is as follows: the days of the lunar cycle from new moon to full moon are evenly distributed from «violet» to «red» color of products (the color coding is taken from the «7 keys of the rainbow» system), days from full moon to new moon, on the contrary, correspond to colors from «red» to «violet» ... In this case, the body's resistance to that rather strict nutrition regime is minimal — and there's a good chance that all dietary recommendations will be followed.

Once or twice a year, you can apply the same technique, but in antiphase – the new moon will correspond to «red» and the full moon to «violet». In this case, it will be very difficult for you to adhere to the selected regime, but the cleaning processes will also be very powerful.

The system «7 keys of the rainbow» can be used even more effectively, taking into account the ancient Ayurvedic connection of nutrition to the lunar cycles. In this case, fasting will be each 11th lunar day (Ekadashi). This mode is also implemented in Dieto.

For the automatic calculation of «color» for each day, this computer program was created. Both the two classical variants of binding can be used, as well as synchronization with the lunar cycle using Ekadashi.

Attention!!! All responsibility for the use of the described system and Overlogic Dieto software is solely up to you! Before, during and after use, consult your intuition and, if necessary, your doctor!!!

Worth a thousand words

Overlogic Dieto uses for calculations personal data of a very intimate nature. The program stores it locally, on your computer only — and never ever establishes any internet connections. Overlogic Dieto respects your privacy.

Software successfully operates on Windows operating system family, starting from Windows XP (i.e. it will work on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11).

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