Overlogic Emanatio: emanation sequence generator

Software that helps you to form and strengthen a certain intention

"Magic wand" that creates images with a super placebo effect. These special images directly affect the psychic reality of the viewer.

Effective combination of

Bodily intuition

The body doesn't lie. And to compose emanation sequences, active work with the subconscious is done specifically through body signals – using a virtual or real dowsing pendulum.


A symbol is a compressed cluster of meanings fixed in the social unconscious. The emanation sequences make extensive use of symbols to bypass the logical layers of consciousness.

Integral approach

The emanation sequences principle of action is based on a combination of multidimensional medicine, psychology and fractal mathematics with dowsing, runic tradition and natural intuitive sensitivity.

What is an emanation sequence?

Emanation sequences represent the next level of vibration series described in the books of academician Lyudmila Grigorievna Puchko.

According to Lyudmila Grigorievna, a vibration sequence is "a combination of geometric, numerical, alphabetic, figurative symbols and signs extracted by consciousness from the subconscious in a certain sequence" (quoted from “Multidimensional medicine. System of self-diagnosis and self-healing of a person. - 18th ed. - 2007").

Each vibration sequence, according to Lyudmila Grigorievna, also contains a principle. This is a "formulation-command to the subconscious, which indicates «the type of vibration sequence, the goal (elimination of the underlying cause), the consequences caused by this cause»" (quoted from “Multidimensional medicine. System of self-diagnosis and self-healing of a person. - 18th ed. - 2007").

Emanation sequences differ from predecessing vibration sequences in the following ways:

use a consistent (from the NLP viewpoint) principle's template – without using the word "not";

use the "golden ratio" proportion to compose the internal elements of a sequence;

fractal (self-similar) ornaments are used as a sequence's background (in particular, runic Galdrastafirs);

The name of the emanation sequence comes from the ancient word "mana" – the energy that permeates everything that exists. This emphasizes its deep connection with

nature (which is achieved through the use of fractals and the golden ratio);

ancient, archaic layers of the psyche (which is achieved due to the symbolism of the sequence itself and the consistency of its principle).

How does it look?

Sample emanation sequences, generated by the app:

Such pictures are somewhat reminiscent of mandalas or "reamcatchers" – and they truly do "weave" digitally to capture your "dream" (goal, intention, desire), harmonize it and embody it, carry it out and bring it to reality. And, yes, this is a kind of an NLP "anchor".

How to use it?

  • Formulate a goal

    Put intention or desire into words – unambiguous, succinct and understandable. This, in general, is the prevously mentioned emanation's principle. To help you compose it, the program already has a proven, working template, in which you just have to insert some specifics. The principle is must be formulated a positive way, without non-, not, un- etc.

  • Create emanation sequence

    Armed with a dowsing pendulum (if you do not have such a special thing, any weight on a rope will do, even a bunch of keys), use it to select the symbols and parameters of the sequence. You can use the virtual pendulum that this app provides. If you do have good intuition – you can perform this job without a pendulum at all.

  • Save or print the image

    Save the resulting emanation sequence as a picture, or print it. Then put the result in a visible place (on your phone screensaver, as a desktop background on your laptop, etc.), and just look at it from time to time. Trere is no need to stare at it constantly, it’s totally fine if it'll just come into view on a regular basis.

  • Watch your intention come true

    Eyes – are basically the brain sticking out. Visual perception channel is one of the most powerful, and at the same time the one of the most susceptible. And the symbols that make up the sequence do affect the deep unconscious layers of the psyche. Therefore, the intention starts to become real almost "on autopilot" (the psyche is gradually rebuilding, which leads to thoughts and behavior changes that allow it to come true).

  • Be ready: both to wait and to act

    Sometimes goals will be achieved quickly; sometimes it takes several months or even years – it depends on many factors. It happens that in order to realize an intention you have to go through a crisis or a couple of. This is totally fine. At these moments, it is important to simply keep your faith, continue to act and keep the emanation sequence around.

  • Destroy the sequence when done

    Just arter the emanation sequence serves out (either there is a feeling that the goal has been achieved; or an understanding that there is a more pressing and important goal, and the one put in the sequence is not so important – yes, this can happen), it has to be destroyed. The picture must be deleted from all devices; if the sequence was printed – it's better to burn the printout rather than put it into the trashbin (this is not a "shamanic ritual", but just a prevention of creation a negative, "garbage-ish" associations in the psyche).

    N. B.: The emanation series can be committed for a long time: you can put it on a photo wallpaper, print on a T-shirt, make a sequence-like fresco – but only in if intention put into the sequence is sufficiently important, long-lasting and significant enough (ex. "abstract goal of a warrior" from the books of Carlos Castaneda), and you are ready to be linked with it for a very long time. Think twice before you do this.

Areas of application

Healing & coaching

You can create an emanation serquence for another person and thus help get rid of old "pains" in one or another area of life; holistically heal a person - making him or her more whole.

Your joint attention when compiling an emanation sequence will significantly increase the chances of getting out of the most difficult situations.

Achieving own goals

The principle of the emanation sequence is formed and checked by the body – which provides good opportunities to check, strengthen and consolidate it.

Composing an emanation sequences for yourself allows you not only to achieve goals more quickly, consciously and consistently, but also to find out – what do you really need?

Worth a thousand words


The intentions and desires that you want to emanate – form and strengthen – with the help of this software should be formulated



environmentally friendly.

After all, they are very likely to come true. Be prepared for the collateral effects and consequences of implementing intentions and fulfilling desires.

The emanation sequence affects the psyche, and it is important for the psyche to concentrate on one particular direction in order to allow life to move successfully in it.

Therefore, for one person, compose only one sequence – and until the current sequence plays out (that is, the person either gets the desired results or understands that this is not what he or she actuelly wants now), do not compose the next one.

If there are several desires, needs and/or tasks – choose the most pressing one.

It is highly recommended to watch or recall this thematic fiction films:

Alladin (1992)

Bruce Almighty (2003)

13 Going on 30 (2004)

In addition to having a pleasant time, you will receive a good psycho-emotional basis for conscious and cautious use of this software.

In the case of using emanation sequences to solve health problems, remember that it does not replace, but complements therapy, taking medications and following your doctors’ recommendations!!!

Overlogic Emanatio uses for calculations personal data of a very intimate nature. The program stores it locally, on your computer only — and never ever establishes any internet connections. Overlogic Emanatio respects your privacy.

Software successfully operates on Windows operating system family, starting from Windows XP (i.e. it will work on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11).

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