Pendulo: dowsing atlas & toolkit

Dowsing charts huge set and editor; emanation sequence composer

Keep your dowsing charts in one place and print any in a couple of clicks, instead of using freehand drawings. Compose vibration sequences with any symbols.


Having printed dowsing charts for all occasions will position you like a professional and competently distinguish your services from the others.

Time economy

Carefully draw a detailed freehand chart – 10 minutes. Print it from Pendulo – 10 seconds. And your time is priceless.

Always at hand

Upload a set of dowsing charts as an image to your phone or tablet and use in any situation by placing the pendulum above the screen.


  • Huge set of charts

    The program comes with more than 100 dowsing charts for a lot of real-life scenarios. Multifunctional charts without labels (3 – 12 sectors) to write on custom labels are also included in the kit.

  • Quick editing

    The program allows you to set a name and description for the dowsing chart, select the colors of the sectors, font, sizes and get an image or print the result. Two separate modes for right-handed and left-handed people.

  • Emanation sequences

    Pendulo — is also a tool to conveniently create emanation sequences with any symbols: both from Puchko's books and from any font; as well as to set a principled directive to them as a signature.

  • Virtual pendulum

    Pendulo has a «virtual pendulum» mode of operation that allows to perform a fowsing session virtually, without using a physical pendulum. Results of virtual dowsing are stored with timestamps in a separate folder.

  • Creating booklets

    With Pendulo, you can not only create, edit and save individual diagrams, but also develop custom PDF booklets with selected diagrams – there is a separate user-friendly window to do this.

Worth a thousand words

Pendulo uses for calculations personal data of a very intimate nature. The program stores it locally, on your computer only — and never ever establishes any internet connections. Pendulo respects your privacy.

Software successfully operates on Windows operating system family, starting from Windows XP (i.e. it will work on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11).

Download dowsing chart set

Tiny, but quite useful dowsing chart set, created using the Pendulo software, is free to download.

Choose the most convenient option depending on which hand you usually use to hold the dowsing pendulum:

dowsing charts for left hand

dowsing charts for right hand