Counselling using «Oracle» technique

Clairvoyance – on a scientific basis

Conversation in a way: "any question – unbiased answer", allowing you to get a clear and holistic view of your life. The ability to weed out other people's patterns and attitudes, and make perfect decisions.

The answers of the "oracle" usually perfectly match your inner, deep, unformed aspirations – and therefore discussing that aloud brings a lot of joy and makes you believe in yourself. Get your inner self back.

Holistic approach

Attention to the smallest details of your life reveals hidden relationships, the root causes of events and truly pressing issues.

Huge experience

More than 15 years of practice. Lots of author's research and unique methodes. More than 1,000 customers worldwide.

Powerful effect

The combination of techniques and experience allows you to smoothly reach a clear vision and internal harmony.

For every area of life

Revealing yourself

Having understood and focused on your very essence, on how you differ from other people, removing stereotypes imposed on you – you can reveal your talents and abilities, leaving unnecessary activities. Discover yourself.

Close relations

Opportunity to improve your relationships with friends, loved ones, with parents and children – through a deep understanding of the characters of these people. Help in getting rid of outdated relationships and finding new ones.


Which job is best for you? Is it worth investing in your current job or look for a new one? Maybe it's time to look at your profession from a different angle? Or change the schedule? Opportunities to achieve success in your work.

Travel / relocation

Evaluate the feasibility of travel, relocation, emigration; select the most suitable countries, cultures and settlements. You are not a tree – so take advantage of having legs! Timely business or a tourist trip can make a difference.

Best time for

Are you planning an important event (wedding, starting own business, changing place of work or residence)? Make friends with time itself, and choose the most suitable period for big changes to make it as gentle as possible.


Food builds you from the inside. Perhaps the key to a balanced and happy life goes through the stomach ..? So let's check it out! A nutritional system that perfectly suits you, distinguishing from fashionable diets and family traditions.


Assessing risks, trends and prospects, tactics and strategies, partners and counterparties – all these tasks can be performed during the counselling process, holistically, at a deep inner level. And lead to impressive results – not only financial.

...and much more

The specificity of the technique allows you you can ask almost any question and get a detailed, accurate, benevolent and specific answer – and not only and not so much on the rational as on the deep sensations.

Techniques used

The essence and principle of the "Oracle" technique is that the therapist is emotionally attuned to the client, and by tracking and analyzing his own state (while being in a "mirror mode" with the questioner) answers questions accurately, in detail and sincerely (because he is not interested in any of the outcomes of the development of the situation, but he sees it from the side as it is).

For such emotional attunement and clear understanding, both "magical" methods and modern techniques are used:




system vector psychology



tribal logic

theory of resolution of invention-related tasks

neuro-linguistic programming


meditation practice

body-oriented practices


common sense :-)

A variety of techniques, practices and methodologies from different fields of knowledge are used during counselling. However, not each and every method will always be applied. Think of it as a "toolbox" from which only what is needed in each case is taken.

How is it going?


Confidentiality of information received both during the preparation and during the counselling itself is guaranteed – both regarding you personally and other people you deal with.

Till the result

Usually in one hour you will receive answers to all your questions. Typically, an hour-long counselling session comes to an end just at the moment when there is nothing more to ask.

Easy to understand

Explanation and communication is carried out in an understandable manner, without the use of special terms. However, if you for some reason need special terms, you will receive any detailed comments.

Counselling is successfully provided both in person and through any remote reliable audio / video communication channel (phone, skype, whatsapp, discord, telegram). The effectiveness of remote and personal counselling sessions is almost identical.

Data needed from you

For each counselling session, some preliminary preparation is required. Provide in advance:

your date of birth (day + month + year),

your time of birth (preferably from the tag from the hospital, if there is no tag – at least approximately (morning / afternoon / evening / night),

your place of birth (the nearest settlement to you at the moment of birth, in case of birth on a voyage – an approximate description of the route).

It is good if you provide such information about the people you are interested in (relatives, partners, friends).

If you do not know or for some reason cannot find out some data (for example, the time of birth) – well, okay! Write at least the date. The more information you provide, the better and more detailed your situation will be analyzed. If there is some lack data, we will just use what we have.

Note that it will take some time to prepare – to make calculations and analyze the result :-)

Are you ready to quickly and effectively change your whole life through deep understanding? Then it's time to