Picture of the year

One hour to build up a whole year

Birthday is not only a holiday and an occasion to meet friends, but also a «watershed». This is the time to summarize your previous deeds and create plans, finish things and start new ones.

With the help of our methods, you can compose and see a picture of the coming year. Relate your goals to it + see the ways to optimally achieve your goals.

Holistic approach

I use both logical and intuitive techniques; and check one with the other. That leads to an accurate and verified result.

Learn in comparison

Viewing not only the picture of the coming year, but also the picture of the previous one. Feel the difference of annual cycles.

Beautiful gift

You can have a party, too. But getting a coherent understanding of a whole year of life is really valuable and useful.

Key concepts

Focusing on you

Deep preliminary analysis of your goals, plans, character and everyday circumstances. This will make our communication as effective and fulfilling as possible.

Live communication

Direct discussion is the key not only to logical, but also to emotional understanding. This mobilizes all internal resources; removing self-distrust, subconscious fears and blockages.

How is it going?


Confidentiality of information received both in preparation for the consultation and during the consultation itself is guaranteed – both regarding you personally and people you deal with.


Due to detailed preliminary preparation, our conversation is as accurate and fast as possible. This in some cases allows you to clarify all pressing issues in an hour or half.

Easy to understand

Explanation and communication is carried out in understandable words, without the use of special terms. However, if you are a specialist, and you need special terms, you will receive any detailed comments.

Data needed from you

For consultation, preliminary preparation is required. Provide in advance:

your date of birth (day + month + year),

your time of birth (preferably from the tag from the hospital, if there is no tag – at least approximately (morning / afternoon / evening / night),

your place of birth (the nearest settlement to you at the moment of birth, in case of birth on a voyage – an approximate description of the route).

If you do not know or for some reason cannot find out some data (for example, the time of birth) – well, okay! Write at least the date. The more information you provide, the better and more detailed it will be to analyze your situation. If there is some lack data, we will just use what we have.

Note that it will take some time to prepare – to make calculations and analyze the result :-)

Are you ready to «draw a picture» of your next year of life? Wish to make a nice and useful birthday gift to someone? –