Trance games of transformation

A game where you win yourself

Using the power of imagination and the things at hand. Starting fun and easy. Falling into a deep group meditation. Unveiling the abyss.

Coming back as the best version of ourselves. Having understood others better.

Amaze your friends

Entertaining company smart, deeply and usefully. Get to know the light and dark sides of your friends and mates. And your own.

Unite the family

Dive deep into yourself in company of your closest people. Uncover your sincere motives and find a consensus with the loved ones.

Open up employees

Move to a new level of management and care for your work team. Help everyone open up, as naturally as possible. With fun.

Types of games

«Space ship»

Look at yourself and your life from as far as possible – outer space. Discover your trajectory through life. Explore the high, cosmic archetypes and apply them in reality. Join your team, and fully feel your role and place in it.

«Animals in the wood»

Imagine a wild forest tribe, with each member having its own totem beast. Become this beast, awaken it in yourself. Explore the inner animal, its habits, «burrow» and «food base». Learn to cooperate and befriend others on a rough, bestial level.

«Little things»

Explore the fine lines of a situation that cannot be expressed in words. See small in big and big in small. Watch as intimacy, distance, and conflict flow into each other. Express superiority and affection, hatred and love. Feel the harmony of any relationship.

«Staring #2»

Open your soul. Dive into other's one. Enter silent Intimacy. Gently, reliably, under careful guidance. Unlike the usual «staring contests» – it's not a competitive zero-sum game (where one wins when the other loses), but a cooperative win-win (if one wins, then so does the other).

...any other game

A trance game of transformation can be created for you. This will require a survey of all the participants, but it will be worth it: like a hand-sewn suit it will will give everyone quick entry and great results.

duration: from 20 minutes till 3 hours

number of participants: from 2 to 30

min participant age: 12 years

Attention! Contraindications:

any psychiatric diagnosis

artificial pacemaker

apoplexy or heart attack in the past

7th-9th month of pregnancy

You're under a good care

The leading hypnologist has successfully completed the author's program dedicated to the methods and technologies of trance, under the guidance of Marina Valerievna Eromolaeva, Doctor of Psychology, as well as several other specialized courses and educational programs.


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