Center of equilibrium

Feeling the very core of yourself

During the training we will consciously «swing» ourselves – body, mind and perception – in order to find the very center of our being. And return into it.


This ttraining is a revelation, a gift from within.

A wave of an inner impulse paints the whole event very clean, light colors.


It will be a minimum of theoretical explanations and many simple and deep practical exercises.

Which everyone can do.


Many participants respond to life's challenges and solve complex issues right at the training.

Receive inner insights.

Don't beleive any kind of training could help me!

Having a constant flow of worries? Thinking that you need to «work harder» or to «have more money» – and balance and calamity will automatically come? Unlikely.

The more complex and more responsible issues you have, the more incentive you have to come. The training is aimed at immediate, real, pragmatic results.

We will seek, retain and support the balance in self, in sutiation and in contact, which helps in all areas of everyday life.

But my life's already quite balanced!

Wow, great achievement! However, take a look at your life and guess: was it always so?

During the training, we will examine, explore and restore not only static, but also dynamic equilibrium. Not only balance in the emotional sphere – but also in the sphere of thoughts, in the sphere of beliefs, and at the level of the body. Not only in solo mode – but also in pairs and in groups.

If you are already well balanced in life, training can deepen this wonderful state and develop it.

Main topics

impressions calibration

argumenting opposite points of view

harmonizing of your gait

practicing disputes

«freedom from expectations» exrecise

elimination of external influences in decision-making

using pain as a signal

listening to the music of the world

What do we learn?

to manage the attitude to all kinds of events

to track and intelligently alter your beliefs

to find a point of equilibrium in sensations and body

to benefit from disputes and conflicts

to understand what is really wanted when something is asked

to extract information from pain and get rid of it

to feel the whole world as your home

to keep the balance as you move through life

Another reason to come...

This training is valuable and effective not only in itself. It also contains references to many effective practices and traditions.

Here you will receive a whole bunch of proven methods of balancing your life, so you'll be able to successfully self-improve for a long time.

Want to apply?

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