Everyday sorcery

Achieve big results with small efforts

This training will help you to see the impact of everyday factors on the brain, body, consciousness and subconsciousness; and manage those, successfully and easily creating your own «mini-rituals».


The training has been held many times for groups of different sizes and type.

This allowed not only to test the program, but also to make sure of its efficiency.

Scientific basis

Magic – is a technology that has not been properly explained.

Training contains enough explanations within the framework of modern science.

Clear for everyone

Complex things are presented in such a clear way, so everyone will get the clue. Quick, simple and effective.

Everything is told in plain english ;-)

What's the point of that «sorcery»?

We will not be studying something special in this training. We will analyze and learn «magic» that surrounds us anyway; which is widely used by many – large corporations as wel as individuals; both consciously and unconsciously.

The training will allow you to look at the seamy side of the tapestry of life itself, to realize some subtle, hidden relationships (which are called by the word «magic») and learn how to use them. That, just by nature, will increase depth and quality of your whole life.

But I have no «magical» abilities!

No special abilities required at all. We will awaken and utilize the natural sensitivity of the human body that everyone has. And that means you too. Plus, of course, you need the ability to think logically.

You do not have to be «Harry Potter» to participate. In order to understand and apply ерe principles and mechanics of the everyday «wizardry», a clear mind, open heart and keen interest are quite enough.

Main topics

small components of big achievements

the consequences of «multiplying by time»

aspects of «everyday war»

disclosure of subtle natural bodily sensations

non-trivial sensations: «form», «back», etc.

nutrition as part of everyday sorcery

brain and memory hygiene

amulets and counter-amulets

What do we learn?

to go big with «little things»

to track and resist subtle influence

to use enhanced sensitivity of the body

to create and use «micro-rituals»

to manage your memory of others (and your own)

to alter one areas of life through another

to combine scientific approach with ancient tradition

to make sure that's not «just senses playing tricks on you»

Another reason to come...

I will not only provide you explainations and exercises – but also tell many fascinating related stories from real customer and personal practice.

Stories could lead you both to laugh or ponder – but, anyway – you'll get a ton of practical benefit.

Want to apply?

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