Manipulating other creatures

Regaining control over the life

This training will help you identify acts manipulation and suppression of the will, as well as successfully counteract.

Smoking hot

The training was born while observing both «petty tyrants» – individual manipulators, as well as large totalitarian organizations.

From the outside nad from the inside.

Both sides

Do you want to avoid external control and be able to maintain independence? Or, on the contrary, to achieve greater skill in manipulation?

The training is suitable for both the first and the second goal.

Important nuances

Training dives into seemingly small and «insignificant» details of manipulative interaction.

We'll take a closer look and trace the effect theese datails have.

But I'm not interested in manipulations at all!

But the authorities are interested in manipulating you.Your family and friends. Children and parents. Friends and loved ones. If you don't take control over your life – someone else will do it. Understanding this topic will be more than useful – just for everyday, normal life.

If you think about it – management, control, manipulation is a sphere of healthy interest for any person, to one degree or another. After all, do we control our own body? Thoughts? Speech? The line where the freedom of one person ends and the freedom of another begins is thin, mobile and dynamic. You can say that others are continuation of your own body. Still not interested in?

I am above that and highly spiritual...

Striving for genuine, kind interactions is wonderful. However, the cleaner the thoughts and sincerer the communication, the more painful will be clashes with manipulative technologies, totalitarism, explicit and implicit submission and violence. And it's better to be ready for this than to spend months in a retreat or with a psychoanalyst.

In addition, people often go headlong into «spirituality» if the main non-totalitarian management structure cracked one time – family. The training, among other things, will help you more clearly understand your place in the real world and will perfectly complement any spiritual practice (though, perhaps it will lower the "guru» authority a little).

Main topics

creation of a managed subpersonality in a management context

a sense of guilt as the most important manipulative tool

specifics of giving information by manipulator

«ritual humiliation» as a sign of a totalitarian system

«comfort cocoon» as a manipulation tool

sensivity suppression and perception sampling

highре and volume effects

sexual connotations of totalitarian rule

What do we learn?

to track the smallest attempts of manipulation

to resist manipulation gently

to resist manipulation toughly

to choose the best method of counteraction

to form the image and state of the leader

to manipulate manipulated by other manipulators

to relieve stress from manipulated ones

to hide the very fact of management

Another reason to come...

The trainer entered for a while the so-called «totalitarian sects» for the conscious and detailed study study of the mechanisms of psyche manipulation.

This is what made it possible to hone the psyche to resist manipulative control and, as one of the by-products, to shape this training.

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