Personal tuition

Sharing years of real-life experience

The training program is created for each student in person, taking into consideration your very own goals, wishes, needs and possibilities.

Important specifics

Tuition has no strict time frame. You can start, suspend and resume at any time.

No special abilities or certifications are required receive my tuition. We base on your current skill level.

Payment per lesson. You took one lesson – you pay. Repeat? Yes/no.

Tuition will not lead you directly to a subsequent social role or profession. I just give you methods, techniques, practices that you can apply at your discretion. Typical applications:

Increasing the quality of your own life. Greater speed and depth of decision-making, awareness – in both business and personal communications. Harmonization of relationships with children, parents, partner, own body, the whole world.

Advisory and therapeutic assistance to others. You can call it «psychology» or «coaching», you can call it «esotericism» or «shamanism» – the essence remains the same. This can be explained using different words, both scientific and archaic.

To summarize in a couple of words, what you learn can be called «transpersonal psychology» or «the use of borderline states of consciousness».

Lesson format

  • Questions

    All your questions about the methods, your everyday issues and controversial, difficult, incomprehensible and just exciting moments that arise during your own consulting practice (if any).

  • New info

    Another missing piece to your whole scheme of things. Structured, well-reasoned and interesting; joint with illustrative (both funny and tragic) real stories. In terms that you personally understand.

  • Practice

    Meditative and rational practices; solving actual logical and intuitive problems; analysing «live» and «classic» situations. Archetypes and images, thoughts and feelings, actions and decisions.

  • Homework

    Includes both practice and reading of both fiction and non-fiction literature that's on theme. There are no «marks»: the more responsible you do the job, the more results you achieve.

One lesson lasts from 1 to 2.5 hours. Sometimes in an hour you will give out so much information that a person simply can no longer perceive, and «some time to digest» is strongly required. Sometimes the conversation flows smoothly, interesting and fun, and you even lose track of time. The main thing for me here is not the «timer», but the result.

What you'll get?


No useless abstractions or wool-gathering! Only practical, direct, applicable here-and-now information, which is the real knowledge. For a wide variety of occasions and situations.


The transfer of material from teacher to student has always been more productive than trying by yourself or diving in books. So you can accelerate many times – and the time is priceless.


An informal, warm, and soulful approach leads to the most effective learning. And it is just simply impossible to deal with some kind of situations with cold heart. Therefore, we'll keep it warm.

Let's talk

In order to ensure that your apprenticeship is suitable for both of us, a free kick-off meeting is offered (online or offline).

Before it, you have to provide me your date, place and time of birth. I prepare for the kick-off meeting quite thoroughly; this data will be used for that preparation – to better understand your person, your abilities, desires and needs.

We'll talk about what you want to achieve; what I see, what you see and how to join our visions. We'll get to know each other, find «common ground». We'll mutually appreciate empathy and intelligence, seriousness and a sense of humor. We'll tune in to one wave.

After the meeting, the next day, «having slept with all this», we'll get in touch with you – and if you agree to be my student and I agree to to be your teacher – let's start!

There is no single «price line» for personal tuition. The sum to pay for one lesson, which will be comfortable for both you and me, is also gently determined during the kick-off meeting.

Ready? Then –