Personal time management

«Time management» with a kind attitude

This marathon helps you to to fit your actings in a day in the most efficient and lively way.

For yourself

Knowledge, skills and state components of this marathon were accumulated primarily for personal, practical use of self. Popular techniques and insights as well.

Everything questionable, unnecessary and cumbersome was eliminated.

For others

The first such event (in a training format) was held for the entrepreneurs' club. Everyone was satisfied – among the people due to their job doing time-management every day.

It became clear that this material should definitely be shared.

For the win

Marathon helps to keep up with things and comfortably combine action with inaction during the day. Both for all participants and the tutor himself.

Each such marathon is a success catalyst.

Time-management is well-known... What's new?

Yes, it has been written and told a lot. Do you use it? How effective is it in your real life?

Most of the information under the heading «time management» is about productivity, not efficiency; and most of the profit from that kind of management goes to your boss rather than you. That's why the marathon's name is «Personal time management».

The thing is, that all the time of your precious life belongs to you. Training will help you to recall that fact, get your time back and properly manage your most valuable treasure – time.

But I don't even have time to participate! ..

That's the whole point. That's it.

Main topics

common vs personal time

linear and cyclic time

«rhythm war»

roots causes of procrastination

male and female cyclicity

two streams of time in the body

three different activity types

personal temporal patterns

What do we learn?

to free up time for pleasant activities

to «get things moving» even in the most difficult cases

to fit unforseen events into your life

to focus on one thing even having an abundance of todos

to combine planning with improvization

to free up your time using your space

to have a rest

to feel the inner rhythms of your body

Another reason to come...

Marathon was created in three different cities; in a car, in a cafe, at home, in nature; in a wide varieties of moods.

Thanks to competent personal time management (i.e. with the help ofitself) it was created, completed and rechecked. The very history of its creation confirms its effectiveness.

Want to apply?

No events conducted in the near future. But you can

run this marathon in person