Tribal logic

Establishing relationship with your tribe

The training will help to unravel and build connections at the genus level and, therefore, both with close relatives and with all of humanity.

For you and your folks

This training will help realize the gene as a living being, to establish cooperation with it and unravel ancient «karmic» family problems, helping themselves and loved ones.

Feelt the unity fith your family and clan – help them and get help for yourself.

Volumetric picture

Tribal interactions take place on two «axes»: «parent-child» and «man-woman».

During the training, we will not only explore each type of interaction separately, but also consider them together, getting a «volumetric» picture.


We will dive into the «source code» of tribal interactions, two basic ritual actions: «feeding» and «ringing».

We will trace what deformations occur in family and tribe under the influence of society, and also learn how to recover them.

Why «air dirty laundry in public»?

You will receive understanding, help and support – in an atmosphere of complete mutual respect and acceptance.

If you never did «laundry» of your family intercommunications diring a couple or generations – you could just do a little bit. It will be odd not to do this.

In addition, you do not have to share your personal life facts at all – but listen carefully to examples, principles, explanations and stories of other people. Applying to your case, you are sure to discover something valuable.

Everything's fine in my family!

That's good. However, tribe – is a large and living system. Tribal relations a very complex and sometimes not so obvious. And if now everything is in order with your family, at this training you can enhance and consolidate this result.

Moreover, some family «karmic programs» do not work immediately, but sometimes through one or two generations. By noticing and «debugging» them, you can help your offspring too – not only yourselves.

The good condition of your family can be made even more stable and better.

Main topics

two «bodies» of human

gene motivation

battle of the sexes

influence of society on family

delayed maturation

Oedipus and Electrine complexes

tribal roleplaying games

basic ritual actions

What do we learn?

to understand motto of human behavior better

to use your own sexual component wisely

to find causes of tribal conflicts and resolve them

to detect, debug and erase tribal «karmic programs»

to counteract manipulation in the tribal «energy field»

to benefit from any communication with family

to build relationships with loved ones and family

to feel all the people of the world as your relatives

Another reason to come...

This training not only gives you ready-made practics and proven knowledge.

It will activate the energy of your family. Fast. During the event, or immediately right after.

You will be able to observe this tribal interaction and uniting, like many previous participants.

Want to apply?

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organize this event by yourself