Trance immersion using «Oscilla» technique

Harmonization and healing from within

Magic – on a scientific basis. A deep psychological experience that proceeds both under the supervision of an experienced hypnologist and under your own control.


The main goals of the technique are cleansing, healing, regaining integrity and real positive changes in your life.As a result, after a trance dive, stresses go away, relationships with loved ones improve, and your career moves off the ground.

This is an active hypnotic trance, which implies full understanding and awareness of all the processes that happen to you during the immersion.


Hypnotic trance immersion, or guided meditation, is a guided waking dream in which you remain conscious, but can clearly perceive the objects and entities of your inner world.

By transforming and harmonizing these entities and objects, you can balance and harmonize your entire life. Pass through your deep fears, stereotypes, blockages and reach a new level of perception and awareness.


Plunging into a trance with you, a leading hypnologist:

1. Maintains balance and harmony;
2. Acts as objectively as possible;
3. Acts as responsibly as possible;
4. Aims at a favorable outcome;
5. Submerges to maximum depth;
6. Gives all the information that came in;
7. Offers the most beautiful solution;
8. Offers the fastest solution;
9. Approaches with care and respect.

How is it going?

The guided meditation process is reliably worked out to the smallest detail; is entertaining, useful and completely safe for you.

  • 1. Preparation

    Before the session, preparation is required, that lasts from one day to a month (selected individually). It includes partial or complete giving up of intoxicants – coffee, black tea, tobacco, alcohol and any other drugs; if possible – meat, too. The better you «starve», the easier it will be during the session.

  • 2. Preliminary conversation

    Immediately before the session, you meet with the hypnologist, talk about your problems, tasks and goals for the session; and also answer additional questions from the hypnologist. This is necessary for the hypnologist to prepare for the nature your inner world and its challenges. Plus, you yourself can realize something valuable, even before immersion.

  • 3. Making yourself comfortable

    You visit the restroom (it is unwise to interrupt the trance for this), then you settle down on the couch, putting a warm blanket next to it – in case you get cold; stretch pleasantly and close your eyes. For a better relaxation effect, you can use an eye patch.

  • 4. Deep relaxation

    Then comes the immersion in a state of complete relaxation of the body and brain. One muscle after another, organ by organ, cell by cell. Relaxation lasts long (20–30 minutes) and is of very high quality, due to specially selected text and voice. It is healing in itself; but the main thing's ahead.

  • 5. Turning on the visuals

    When you're completely relaxed, your visualization is be switched on, using special techniques. You begin to see and feel inner world images, while remaining fully conscious. You find yourself in a kind of «waking dream».

  • 6. Stabilizing the perception

    Then you «take root» in that state and your inner space; you may even to hear sounds and smell from within, perceive in detail the inner trance reality surrounding you, explore it. You fulfill with the energy and restore the balance from the inside so that the «picture» becomes more detailed and stable.

  • 7. Inner cleansing

    Once rooted, you pay attention to your body. In a trance state, you begin to clearly see and feel muscle clamps, blocks, fears, diseases, foreign programs, imprints of negative past experiences. These sensations are processed and harmonized, one by one.

  • 8. Answers from within

    After cleansing your mind and body, there is an opportunity to get answers to any questions regarding absolutely anything – from the inside. This will later help you handle the real challenges of everyday life. Such questions should be prepared in advance, before the session.

  • 9. Quitting the trance

    After you feel that you have received the maximum effect and all answers to your questions, hypnologist performs a gradual exit from the trance. A phased, competent process will leave you with a feeling of inner harmony and power, and soften all the changes and understandings made.

  • 10. Listetnig and reprocessing

    Whole session is written on a dictaphone in order to listen to the recording later – and to manifest and fix in your mind the changes that occurred during this session. It is better to rest for a couple of days after the session to «digest» what has happened. And then listen to the recording (not later than a month after the immersion).

Deep trance immersion is successfully carried out in person or using any reliable remote audio communication channel (phone, skype, viber, telegram, discord). The effectiveness of both remote and personal interaction is almost identical.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

The proposed methodology is a synthesis of three different schools, absorbed the best of them.


Vadim Shvarev's Photo Portrait

Shvarev's hypnotic techniques

The leading hypnologist successfully completed several stages at the Imago education center, where these techniques were taught by Vadim Shvarev. The techniques have been widely tested, incl. in person: the test task at the end of the first stage of tuition was to walk barefoot on broken glass without cuts on the feet – using the self-hypnosis.

Marina Ermolayeva's Photo Portrait

Ermolayeva's suggestion technologies

Basic, time-tested, academic techniques and suggestive technologies studied under the guidance of Marina Valerievna Ermolaeva, Doctor of Psychology, at the Samara Branch of the Russian Psychological University. The leading hypnologist has the corresponding certificates.

Anton Aksenov's Photo Portrait

Aksenov's MetaIsskra

An important part of the methodology is the revised MetaIsskra technique, which the hypnologist learned from Anton Aksenov, better known on the web under the pseudonym digitallangell. Despite some shortcomings, MetaIsskra is one of the best guided meditation schools in Russia, based on Dolores Cannon's many years of experience in regressions.


The proposed practice is very powerful, so the hypnologist is simply obliged to provide some guarantees.

Successful immersion

This happens in a very odd cases, but if you are not hypnotizable due to some personal characteristics, i.e. do not plunge into a trance state, your visualization does not turn on, etc. – no payment is required. You will be simply suggested to use other, more rational methods.

Getting out of trance

In any case, no matter what happens, you will come out of the trance. Immediately or in a couple of hours, quickly or smoothly – but leaving the trance is guaranteed. You will fully regain consciousness – like after a good, long sleep. The hypnologist will do this – even if, for whatever reason, you ask not to.


Of course, the confidentiality of information received in the deep hypnotic trance is guaranteed. An exception is the case when you explicitly allow the anonymous publication – if the information obtained in the session has high social significance.

Attention! Contraindications:

any psychiatric diagnosis

artificial pacemaker

apoplexy or heart attack in the past

7th-9th month of pregnancy


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